DAL 1999 Uno stile inconfondibile
IL VOSTRO Uno stile

From the great passion of Fulvio Pasino, in 1999, Dalila Gioielli was born.

Experience. For three generations the Pasino’s family has dedicated itself to the noble goldsmith’s art. The studies conducted, the natural contamination of the territory – Valenza city of gold – and the time spent following in first person each stage of jewels production, allow Fulvio Pasino to be head, soul but above all the heart of the company.

Competence. From the first graphic sketch to the finished object, from the 3D modeling to the setting of the stones, ending with the final polishing, each piece is studied step by step with the customer, providing the necessary support throughout the production phase, carefully following every detail that characterizes the creation of a upper quality jewel.
The most fascinating jewels are the fruit of commitment and are the purest expression of refined technique, unmistakable design and passion for the jewelry world; who works in Dalila Gioielli knows it.

Originality. Sinuous lines, slender and seductive, for a style beyond time. The company realizes for you only and exclusively 100% Made in Italy jewels, since the fundamental principle is to keep the integrity of the product unchanged. The artifacts are unique, original, innovative.

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An unmistakable style

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